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by Pamela
on 02/21/16 07:39 pm
One thing I appreciate about the Stitches Expos is that, occasionally, I can get coverage for the Halos of Hope booth, so that I can take classes. Last year, at Stitches Midwest 2015, we opted not to have a booth for reasons that we'll announce shortly. But I was in town, and was able to take a few classes during the Midwest weekend.

Whenever I can take classes, I try to stick to a 'thematic plan.' Last year, my chosen classes focused on

by Pamela
on 01/13/16 12:09 pm
I have a confession to make. I don't swatch hats. I already hear the collective gasp from friends of mine who are teachers and designers. You&must&always&swatch.

I make so many hats each year that I can usually tell fairly quickly if the hat is going to be too small or too large for Halos of Hope use (we encourage 15-22" in circumference). I can also tell quickly if the yarn isn't going to be chemo cap

by Pamela
on 12/31/15 05:31 pm

For as long as Halos of Hope has provided hats and caps to those in need, it has always been the most challenging to think about the children, and their families, battling this disease. From our Camp Happy Times campaigns, then going Under The Sea with the Atlanta Knitting Guild to benefit Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Sending over 18,000

by halosofhope1
on 10/24/15 08:42 pm
Folks have been asking, hey Halos, what's up? You're awfully quiet lately.

Yes, we are quiet. But we haven't gone away. Our kind volunteers have still been working diligently to help us continue support cancer centers in need.

What we haven't done lately is a lot of promotion, call to action, or requests. We know everyone is busy. Even us. And every now and then, an organization like ours needs to take a

by halosofhope1
on 03/02/15 11:29 am
We have returned from our annual trek to Northern California, participating in the Stitches West show. 2015 marks our 6th year of another successful show, collecting 550 donated hats, shipped from the show floor directly to benefit cancer centers and hospitals in the West Coast region.

We also raised close to $1500 in donations. 100% of donated dollars are used to fund our shipping &

by halosofhope1
on 10/27/14 09:05 am
We all have those nights when sleep eludes us. Frustrating, maddening. Can my brain just turn off?

Someone sans hair and going through cancer treatments is doubly apt to have sleep concerns. Not only is the mind whirling with 'what next' and 'why me'..a bald head can get very, very cold at night, even in the warmest climates. We don't realize how much our head of hair keeps us warm until there's nothing on top anymore.

by Pamela
on 07/13/14 07:16 pm

Not long ago, our charity received an email asking about a crocheted hat that would be appropriate for either a man or a woman, and had a brim. We pointed the requestor to our Windish Hat, designed by Rohn Strong. The requestor was not convinced. "I don't think yellow would be good, and I'm not sure I can see it

by Pamela
on 07/01/14 09:18 pm
From the Purlescence Yarns Newsletter:
"Our family room is always open....
...whenever the shop is. Drop in for a cup of tea and a bit of knitting or crochet. Bring your wheel or drop spindle and spin for a while. You can even bring in your loom. There's nothing better than crafting with community. Folks in the family room are always inspiring (and enabling) each other."

For a

by Pamela
on 06/26/14 08:01 pm
It's always a delight to find a pattern that creates a new fashionable option for a cancer patient.
It's always a delight to find a new yarn that is soft, especially one that is washable.

Mix these two together, add in lightweight enough to comfort in summer and the result is a wonderful new hat and yarn to share with our Halos

by halosofhope1
on 05/20/14 08:49 pm
Many of you may remember our dear friends, Mark & Susan Moraca, owners of Kollage Yarns. Mark is one of the three admirable men who put his locks on the line for our BuZZ campaign in 2012. Halos of Hope is honored to have Mark, Susie and Kollage Yarns as one of our perpetual Hope Sponsors.


by halosofhope1
on 02/03/14 10:27 am
Sometimes the thank yous we receive from cancer centers and individuals are so wonderful, we want to share the actual letters!

From Praxair Cancer Center in Danbury, CT. Praxair was one of the centers to benefit from The Crochet Dude's TM Chemo Cap Challenge at Stitches East.

by halosofhope1
on 02/01/14 09:42 am

We'll still be the same national 501c3 non-profit helping over 450 cancer centers.

But Halos of Hope has a new central mailing address.

AND, it's USPS, UPS and FedEx friendly!

As of February 1, 2014, donated hats can be mailed or shipped to:

Halos of Hope
20987 N. John Wayne Pkwy, #B104-432
Maricopa, AZ 85139

We are working with our Illinois P.O. Box provider to have all hats

by Pamela
on 01/19/14 06:35 pm
You know them. Those odds and ends. Bits and pieces. An ounce or two. Torturing, because you just can't throw them away. Throw away yarn scraps? No self-respecting knitter or crocheter ever throws away yarn.

So what to do? Each year around this time, at Halos of Hope, we think it's a good idea to remind everyone about Stripe It Up January. Take those similarly weighted bits of yarn and go a little stripy-wild to make a

by halosofhope1
on 01/04/14 02:04 pm
Welcome to our Guest Blogger - Pat Salvatini!

Hello Halos of Hope friends, I've been asked to be a guest contributor for Stripe it Up January.

I'm so giddy I'm uncertain where to start. Do I tell you the story of how I met Pamela Haschke and became so moved I began knitting hats for her organization? Do I explain that her spirit is so infectious that just making hats wasn't enough I felt needed to share with the joy with others so I

by Pamela
on 12/18/13 08:04 pm
I spend a fair amount of time on planes. Used to hold one of those elite Frequent Flyer statuses, but, thank goodness, no longer. That Road Warrior stuff is for younger folks than I. My dear husband (DH) chuckles if we're boarding together. What's in that carry on? he asks as we wait to board; him impatiently, me pulling out a project bag. Depending on the flight time, could be one project, or maybe two. Knit, perhaps crochet.


by halosofhope1
on 12/10/13 10:39 pm
Some folks follow a football team. Some, a baseball team. Maybe hockey, soccer, or an Olympic sport.

But did you know that Halos of Hope has SIX teams?

Six fiber frenzy teams are vying to be The Podcaster With Bragging Rights by turning in the most hats at Stitches

by Benjamin Levisay
on 12/06/13 06:31 pm
Hello Friends! Our founder and president (and my dear friend), Pamela Haschke, asked me to contribute to the HatLiners Blog every once in a while. This new site has been up for a little while now... and I just haven't been able to find the time. Today I am making the time to tell all of you a great story.

Since I joined

by Pamela
on 11/25/13 07:34 pm
Honestly, I knew this day would come. The day we would announce that an event other than our home show, Stitches Midwest, would have the most hats donated to Halos of Hope. But when the Midwest volunteers brought in 1,037 hats, nearly tripling their 2012 donated amount&I didn't think it would be this year.

Then, Drew Emborsky, aka The

by halosofhope1
on 09/16/13 08:30 pm
I have been trying to pen, shall we say finish, this blog post for some time. It seems so many of us are being pulled this way. Then that. Long, crazy work hours. Stress, travel, family, illness, one thing after another. Gives me pause to ponder, where is home? Where is that place of refuge, where one can wrap the walls of sanctuary around us, and for moments in the day, we are in a comfortable, unencumbered state. Not just the physicality of home, but