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Month: December 2013

by Pamela
on 12/18/13 08:04 pm
I spend a fair amount of time on planes. Used to hold one of those elite Frequent Flyer statuses, but, thank goodness, no longer. That Road Warrior stuff is for younger folks than I. My dear husband (DH) chuckles if we're boarding together. What's in that carry on? he asks as we wait to board; him impatiently, me pulling out a project bag. Depending on the flight time, could be one project, or maybe two. Knit, perhaps crochet.


by halosofhope1
on 12/10/13 10:39 pm
Some folks follow a football team. Some, a baseball team. Maybe hockey, soccer, or an Olympic sport.

But did you know that Halos of Hope has SIX teams?

Six fiber frenzy teams are vying to be The Podcaster With Bragging Rights by turning in the most hats at Stitches

by Benjamin Levisay
on 12/06/13 06:31 pm
Hello Friends! Our founder and president (and my dear friend), Pamela Haschke, asked me to contribute to the HatLiners Blog every once in a while. This new site has been up for a little while now... and I just haven't been able to find the time. Today I am making the time to tell all of you a great story.

Since I joined