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by Pamela
on 07/01/14 09:18 pm
by Pamela on 07/01/14 9:09 pm

From the Purlescence Yarns Newsletter: 
“Our family room is always open....
...whenever the shop is. Drop in for a cup of tea and a bit of knitting or crochet. Bring your wheel or drop spindle and spin for a while. You can even bring in your loom. There's nothing better than crafting with community. Folks in the family room are always inspiring (and enabling) each other.”

For a second year, the Purlescence Yarn team invited us in, embraced the Halos’ cause, to make hats for cancer patients, not only in the Northern California community, but our Halos of Hope communities across the country.  

The family room fills with individuals all working toward a common goal, making hats. Exceeding last year’s total. The colors and fibers are varied.  They knit.  They crochet. 

This year, we even had woven cloth hats, which were oh, so soft. 
We look forward to seeing Katie, who battles with her own health issues, but manages to crochet dozens of hats to contribute. 

At its peak, 50 crafters fill the family room. Stories are told, songs are sung.  This year, a unique song is crafted to tell the tale of ‘beweaving’ in Halos of Hope’s cause. 11 manage to stay up all night, and those that sleep awaken early to begin again, or be first in line to get the bacon.  Breakfast is served in the community - frittata and scones. Not purchased from a local store, but, yes, cooked and baked by members of the community, because they can, and they will, to show their support for all of those in the community.  

24 hours  10 am to 10 am  333 hats donated  We come to a close.

Raise your right hand   Raise your left hand
With these hands, Crafters, you have done something you see as simple, easy, common, natural to those of us who knit and crochet.  Yet you have provided comfort, dignity, hope, respect, and love to someone who is enduring cancer, doesn’t know you and doesn’t know why you’ve done it.  Take these two hands and put them together…give yourself a round of applause for your sense of charity, your sense of goodwill, your willingness to give 24 hours of yourself to the needs of the cancer community.

Halos of Hope exists to help communities who need us across the country.  A cancer community, a non-profit community, individual cancer patient communities.  The Purlescence  Hope-A-Thon event, a 24-hour event, helps us to continue to support our belief in helping these communities, because the owners of Purlescence believe in community spirit, community love and community support.  Thank you, Purlescence community. 

Next time you’re in Northern California, drop in to the family room. Trust us, you’ll be welcome. 

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