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Elusive Sleep....
by halosofhope1
on 10/27/14 09:05 am
by halosofhope1 on 10/27/14 9:09 am

We all have those nights when sleep eludes us.  Frustrating, maddening. Can my brain just turn off?

Someone sans hair and going through cancer treatments is doubly apt to have sleep concerns.  Not only is the mind whirling with ‘what next’ and ‘why me’..a bald head can get very, very cold at night, even in the warmest climates.  We don’t realize how much our head of hair keeps us warm until there’s nothing on top anymore.

We often think of caps for cancer patients as needed for daytime; for comfort, protection or dignity. But someone who goes from with hair to without hair will need a sleep cap, too.  

The challenge is finding something lightweight, comfortable, and that won’t slip.  A sleep cap is of no benefit, if it falls off in the middle of the night.

Our knitters have worked with Cascade Yarns Fixation in a variety of patterns. We find the yarn is soft enough for a cancer cap, and offers an elasticity that keeps the hat on the head.

While not an ‘original’ pattern, our design team has worked up a very basic beanie-type sleep cap using Fixation yarn.  You can download this free pattern from our website.

Cascade offers a Cabled Cap option, free on their website.

Want something a little more versatile?   Our Beaches pattern, designed by Susan Glenfield of the Bellsisters Design studio might be for you, a loved one, or for your next donation.

What helps you to sleep? 

Post a comment on our website below, and we’ll enter you in a random drawing to win a skein of Cascade Yarns Fixation, all three of the patterns mentioned above, and a size 7, 16” Kollage circular needle
We’ll select three (3) winners from the website comments.

Winners will be randomly chosen from website posted comments only.


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