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Where Ya Been?
by halosofhope1
on 10/24/15 08:42 pm
by halosofhope1 on 10/24/15 8:08 pm

Folks have been asking, hey Halos, what’s up?  You’re awfully quiet lately.  

Yes, we are quiet. But we haven’t gone away.  Our kind volunteers have still been working diligently to help us continue support cancer centers in need.

What we haven’t done lately is a lot of promotion, call to action, or requests.  We know everyone is busy.  Even us.  And every now and then, an organization like ours needs to take a little break.  Whether that’s because we need to reorganize, rethink or rejuvenate.  That’s kinda what we’ve been doing.  We’ve been listening to our volunteers and our centers, to come up with a plan that will help us to help all of you continue to contribute in the best way we possibly can.  

We still have some work to plan, but rest assured that we are still in need of (mostly) adult hats each and every month, and that we will be coming back in spades very, very soon with an approach we think everyone will be excited about.  In November, we’re going to be asking for your support to help us help another 501c3 non-profit in need, especially for the holidays.  So look for that, and we thank you in advance.

Oh yes, and one more thing.  Our founder admits she’s been a little distracted, because she became a first time grandmother in December 2014.  We think you’ll all agree with this absolute cutie in her life, a little hiatus was warranted.

More to come, very soon!  Happy fall to y’all.

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