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For the Children
by Pamela
on 12/31/15 05:31 pm
by Pamela on 12/31/15 5:05 pm

For as long as Halos of Hope has provided hats and caps to those in need, it has always been the most challenging to think about the children, and their families, battling this disease.  From our Camp Happy Times campaigns, then going Under The Sea with the Atlanta Knitting Guild to benefit Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  Sending over 18,000 children's hats to centers every year, and recently finding  Joy Jars that need hats.   Children need us to help them find a ray of hope, a glimmer of the future, and a whole lot of love.

As a new grandmother and a two-times-over great aunt, this future generation means more to me than ever before.  Our family was blessed to be together this holiday season, and even further blessed to be able to share the joy of the holidays with extended family and friends.  And, as usual, I needed something easy on the needles to occupy the 3 1/2 hour flight between our home in Arizona and the families in Illinois.  

I found my inspiration (and time-consumer) in a kit picked up at Stitches Midwest, called "Top This" from DMC.  Honestly, I had forgotten this purchase, because my focus had been to complete a sweater for my grandson in time for the holidays.  But out it popped as I was searching for a project! 

The yarn does the work for you.  A little bit of ribbing, stockinette and decreases.  Finish it off, add the character to the top of the hat, and you're done.  On a size 9 needle.  Two sizes available, a toddler size (the one I made) or a larger size for an older child or teen.  My kitty hat will be set aside for a future gift, but I'm looking forward to making more of these hats for our cancer kids in need. 

And lest our crocheters fret they don't have an option, the DMC website does offer crochet instructions.  Thank you DMC!

Check out your local yarn shop to see if they carry these kits, or they can also be purchased from our Hope Sponsor, Webs, America's Yarn Store.

Happy New Year to you and yours! 

Get ready for our 7th annual Stripe It Up January to use up those leftovers you have in your stash...

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