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by halosofhope1
on 09/16/13 08:30 pm
by halosofhope1 on 09/16/13 8:08 pm

I have been trying to pen, shall we say finish, this blog post for some time.  It seems so many of us are being pulled this way.  Then that.  Long, crazy work hours.  Stress, travel, family, illness, one thing after another.  Gives me pause to ponder, where is home?  Where is that place of refuge, where one can wrap the walls of sanctuary around us, and for moments in the day, we are in a comfortable, unencumbered state.  Not just the physicality of home, but the true sense of emotional home.

If you haven't heard through the last year's various interviews and podcasts, Halos of Hope is truly a volunteer organization.  None of us take compensation for the work we do.  Including me.  And yes, I have a 'regular job.'  One that consumes more than 40 hours a week.  Back up.  Who I am kidding, often more than 50 hours a week. So there are many, many moments that I wonder when… maybe… will? I find my way home.  

Not long ago, a dear designer friend of the charity's decided to create a hat pattern, and she penned the following:

"I am a proud of my Norwegian heritage and enjoy joking with my fellow Scandinavian friends and family about our tough, Viking prowess. One particular friend and I joke about who has the better sense of direction due to our internal Norse Celestial Navigation systems.  Inspired by celestial navigation, I designed an 8-point star into the crown of this crochet hat to symbolize the homing device in all of us. Make this hat for yourself, or more importantly, make it for loved ones with the hope that it will always help them find their way home to you."

Kristin Omdahl's Celestial Navigation Hat.
I was intrigued by the star in the crown.  Something new, something different.  Interesting that it's an 8 point star.  The numerological reference to balance of the material and the immaterial.  Spiritual vs. materialistic.  Confident yet forgiving.  Kristin made it easier.  Kristin created a tutorial to help us learn how this 'star is born.'  And, ironically, she released the pattern in time for us to use it for our 2013 Camp Happy Times campaigns which was 'Stars.'  

So I tried the pattern.  Not that I wouldn't have anyway, but something about this pattern called to me.  A bit of a challenge, combined with a direction.  Where?  Home.  Point the way home.

I made a sample one for us to use at shows where we display hats. Then another for Camp Happy Times. And when I travelled from Illinois to Arizona, I made one on the plane.  That one became a contribution of the over 200 hats which were part of the 24-hours of Hope Hat-A-Thon sponsored by Purlescence Yarns. And then I made another while at the store.  Then another on the way back from the West Coast to the Midwest. And I suddenly realized that this was going to be one of those go-to patterns that calms the nerves, soothes the soul and comforts someone who is going through something much larger than what I may be at the time.  Someone who needs to find their way home after a devastating cancer diagnosis.

Give the Celestial Navigation Hat a try.  8 points of balance to point the way home. Whether for you or a loved one.  Thank you, Kristin!

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