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Stripe It Up Season
by Pamela
on 01/13/16 12:09 pm
by Pamela on 01/13/16 12:12 pm

I have a confession to make.  I don’t swatch hats.  I already hear the collective gasp from friends of mine who are teachers and designers.  You…must…always…swatch.

I make so many hats each year that I can usually tell fairly quickly if the hat is going to be too small or too large for Halos of Hope use (we encourage 15-22” in circumference).  I can also tell quickly if the yarn isn’t going to be chemo cap appropriate.  It’s in my knitting/crocheting DNA.
I was making my first hat of the year for our Stripe It Up Season and getting close to the transition from my 16” circular needle to DPNs.  The hat seemed a little ‘long’ to me, and I knew it was supposed to be a beanie.

Odd, says I. 
I’ve made dozens of these hats, and I always use a size 6 needle for the ribbing and a size 7 for the rest.  Pushing back the stitches from the needle, I realized I had a size 8, not a 7.  Guess I didn’t have my glasses on when I pulled the needles from my needle keeper.  

So I have a toque or slouch instead of a beanie, which is fine, but just goes to show ya, pay attention, even if you think to yourself:  “I’ve done this a dozen times.  I’ve got this.”

Yarn:  Berroco Weekend (75% acrylic, 25% cotton)
Pattern:  Turn-A-Square by Jared Flood

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