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Are YOU Ready to Rumble?
by halosofhope1
on 12/10/13 10:39 pm
by halosofhope1 on 12/10/13 10:10 pm

Some folks follow a football team.  Some, a baseball team.  Maybe hockey, soccer, or an Olympic sport. 

But did you know that Halos of Hope has SIX teams?


Six fiber frenzy teams are vying to be The Podcaster With Bragging Rights by turning in the most hats at Stitches West   to benefit Halos of Hope. 

The rumble started with The KnottyGirls Knitcast, now known as Team KnottyGirls.  Laura and Jen issued a challenge to all podcasters saying their listeners will bust their stash to make the most hats for the win. 

The KnitMore Girls soon joined in 

Then, Team CraftLit   

Team Ready, Set, Knit     

Team Sock-A-Holics from the Yarn on Tap podcast      

and then, Team Knit Knit Cafe  

The gauntlet was thrown during the Knotty Girls' Fiber Hooligan Interview and for the past few months, these teams have been vying through hat contributions with a goal to get at least 2,000 hats by February, and break the previous donation records set at Stitches Midwest and East 2013. Well, unless you talk to Team Ready, Set, Knit for any length of time, they want to crate in 10,000!  They say they have the room on the truck!

To date, 322 hats have been donated with 2 months to go!

But y'know, shipping 2,000 hats takes support too! 

So, the Knottys put their Knoggins to work and said, 'hey, what if we allowed non-knitters and non-crocheters, or even just people crazed with holiday crafting to help, too?'

And then the Knottys got together with our own Founder, Pam Haschke, to talk about Halos, hats, knitting and what happens routinely at 9:25 pm Pacific time on summer evenings.  Curious? 

Listen in to the current KnottyGirls Knitcast

Now there are TWO ways to Rumble and raise that hat count for your favorite team!
 Pick a team and donate hats
Donate a hat to support your favorite Podcaster team and help them win the Stitches West Bragging Rights.
DONATE $5 to the team of your choice
Each $5 donation = 1 hat toward the team's overall hat count
All donations will be 100% allocated toward shipping the hats donated through the Podcaster Throwdown.  

So pick your team, grab your needles, hooks and yarn, and donate a hat or two or more.  Not crafty, creative or just don't have time?  Donate to your team and increase their hat count!

The real question is:  Are YOU ready to rumble?

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