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Needle Little Plane Knit?
by Pamela
on 12/18/13 08:04 pm
by Pamela on 12/18/13 8:08 pm

I spend a fair amount of time on planes.  Used to hold one of those elite Frequent Flyer statuses, but, thank goodness, no longer.  That Road Warrior stuff is for younger folks than I.  My dear husband (DH) chuckles if we're boarding together.  What's in that carry on? he asks as we wait to board; him impatiently, me pulling out a project bag.  Depending on the flight time, could be one project, or maybe two.  Knit, perhaps crochet.  

As the holidays approach, there will be many of us creatively crafty sorts who will be boarding planes, trains and maybe even sitting in automobiles, enroute to gather with those closest to us.  And then it suddenly hits you!  Crikey!  I forgot [insert name].  Could be a sister-in-law, a favorite aunt, or maybe a not-so-favorite aunt, but she'll be at dinner after all.  A cousin.  Now what to do?  Wait, I have yarn. I have needles or hooks, I have a few hours of travel time.

This is what I call a plane knit.  Something that can be done in the span of a plane ride.  For me, traveling often from Midwest to West, what can I get done in about 3 hours. And, of course, it's often a hat, right?  Because that's what we do, hats!

If you forgot a female relative or friend, today's plane knit is the Dogwood Flower Hat,
designed by Margaret Maney for Fiesta Yarns.  The pattern calls for Fiesta's Starburst LaBoheme, which, I admit, is heaven to work with.  I decided to use Fiesta's Mythic yarn.  Why?  Because I had it in the stash, of course.  Cast this on at take-off in Illinois, was starting the decreases when we landed in Arizona.  Finished up the decreases the first night I was 'on the ground' so to speak.  Made the flower the next day. 

Voila!  Hat gift complete.  And it's cute, to boot.  Looking for a plane, train or automobile knit?  Give this one a try.

Happy Holidays!


Editor's Note:  The Dogwood Flower Hat pattern is considered an acceptable and delightful pattern for a chemo cap.  The yarn used for this sample is an Aran weight yarn, and contain fibres that may not be chemotherapy appropriate.  But this is a wonderful gift hat yarn for a loved one during the holidays. To find an appropriate chemo cap yarn, please visit our website and download our Yarn Recommendations.  Look for aran or bulky weight yarns.

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