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Stripe It Up January: Mixed Up May Hat
by halosofhope1
on 01/04/14 02:04 pm
by halosofhope1 on 01/04/14 2:02 pm

Welcome to our Guest Blogger - Pat Salvatini!

Hello Halos of Hope friends, I’ve been asked to be a guest contributor for Stripe it Up January.

I’m so giddy I’m uncertain where to start. Do I tell you the story of how I met Pamela Haschke and became so moved I began knitting hats for her organization? Do I explain that her spirit is so infectious that just making hats wasn’t enough I felt needed to share with the joy with others so I started a blog and Ravelry group?

No… you probably want to hear how volunteering at Stitches Midwest led me down the path to designing my own hats. Surrounded by so many creative and talented individuals you just feel ready to give it a try. So I did. I knew I wanted something with stripes but I wanted to add some texture to make it more fun to knit.  What I came up with is Mixed-up May, simple enough that advanced beginners will feel comfortable knitting, yet experienced knitters will not be bored. 

To encourage you to use up your yarn stash, I’m offering Halos of Hope blog readers $.50 off the $2.00 price. Coupon Code: hatliners.

Still have a few bits of left-overs? The Mixed-Up May hat has been so popular that I created a mini version to fit infants 3-6 months old. Unlike the original version that had eight color changes, the baby version has only five and uses only a mere 10 ounces of scrap yarn.

Hopefully in 2014 I will have more scrappy hats like the Mixed-up May. For now,  go gather up those scrapes of yarn and watch a hat emerge!

Editor's Note:  Thank you Pat!  Stripe It Up January is our way of having you think about ways to use up the bits and fragments of leftover yarn from your holiday projects, to make a hat for Halos of Hope.  All month long we'll post hat ideas to our Facebook page.  You might want to think about donating your striped hat to our Podcaster Throwdown campaign!  Or just get it into us via mail or one of our donation locations.  Every single hat helps, so stripe one up with those leftovers this weekend! 

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