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Stripe It Up January: What To Do With That Leftover Yarn
by Pamela
on 01/19/14 06:35 pm
by Pamela on 01/19/14 6:06 pm

You know them.  Those odds and ends.  Bits and pieces.  An ounce or two.  Torturing, because you just can’t throw them away.  Throw away yarn scraps?  No self-respecting knitter or crocheter ever throws away yarn.

So what to do?  Each year around this time, at Halos of Hope, we think it’s a good idea to remind everyone about Stripe It Up January.  Take those similarly weighted bits of yarn and go a little stripy-wild to make a hat to donate.

Some of our favorites are Mixed Up May designed by Pat Salvatini, the Cubed Hat or even Kissy, Kissy Fish Face from Darleen Hopkins, and even our own Beaches, Cardea or Tilted Halo hats.

Just about any hat pattern may lend itself to stripes - be creative!  One my all time favorites, because, yes, I’ve memorized the pattern, is the Floppy Brim Hat.  Or the classic Turn A Square designed by Jared Flood (great way to learn jogless stripes!  Little hints there from our Hope Sponsors at WEBS - America's Yarn Store).  And don’t worry about the combinations, you’ll be surprised what colors you can bring together to create a fun and festive hat for a child or adult in need of cheer.

So when those bits and pieces of yarn start whispering, hey, did you forget about me? Or better yet, when your better half, significant other, or parent starts to complain and say ‘what ARE you going to do with those scraps of yarn’?  Smile, pull out a circular needle, dpns or hooks, and say ‘I’m making hat for charity.’

Can’t argue with that.

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