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$4.00 - $5.00
Slouchy unisex knit design - easy to knit
Halos of Hope Designer Series. Inaugural pattern from designer, Kristin Omdahl designed in Drew Emborsky's Sarcastic Yarn.
Exclusive 2011 Stitches East crochet design
Similar to our Angels Watching Over pattern, designed in sizes for the littlest ones battling cancer.
Exclusive 2012 Stitches East crochet design
by Elise Duvekot - I was inspired by the fall colors to design a knitted hat showing a myriad of colors to brighten up patients' lives during the dark days of winter and, at the same time, to serve as a beacon of hope with a reminder that, even though autumn is followed by winter, the blue skies and sunny days of spring are just around the corner.
by Jolie A. Elder
Designed by Sandi Rosner - When you look at photos of women from the 1920's wearing cloche style hats, what do you see? I see beautiful eyes. The simple shape and slightly flared brim frames the eyes and cheekbones in the most fetching way, while providing good coverage of the head. This hat, made in an ultra soft cotton yarn, will pamper sensitive scalps.
Designed by Cindy Craig
Designed by Tanis Gray