Knit Shark Hat
Halos of Hope Knit Shark Hat

Designed during Lucy’s Tail Campaign for Halos of Hope in 2011, raising over $6,000 to benefit our charity.  This is a Halos of Hope signature pattern. A crochet version is also available.

Stockinette knit on size 9 or 10 needles (to achieve gauge).  Pattern only.

A. 260 yds yarn for shark body, fins, chunky weight
B. 50 yds red yarn for gums, worsted weight
C. 25 yds white yarn for teeth, worsted weight
D. 2 yds yarn for eyes (or can substitute buttons) worsted weight

100% of all pattern proceeds fund shipping and handling for caps to be sent across the country. 
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You get TWO versions with this pattern: stockinette to the crown for speedy knitting and ribbed to the crown for additional texture and beauty.
Pull-on scarf inspired by an oncology nurse who didn't want her patients to pay $25 for a headcovering.
Let the waves of the beach lull you to sleep. Bald heads lose heat at night. Our Beaches hat is an exclusive Halos of Hope sleep cap design.
Halos of Hope signature pattern designed with input from individuals who are shark enthusiasts and do the Great White dives
The go-to crochet pattern for many of our volunteers!