If you’re new to riding bikes, the world of bike gear can be a complicated and overwhelming place. And the more you hear about supposed must-have bike accessories, the more expensive cycling seems to be.

Here’s a list of actual “must-have” bike accessories. This equipment is essential for your personal safety and the longevity of the bicycle. When you’re ready, you can look into tricking out your ride. But if you have these nine items, you’re off to a solid start according to online casinos us.

Protective Headgear

Roadside accidents and collisions can be just around the corner. To help protect the riders, having a trusty protective headgear is always a good place to start. There are heaps of headgear options one can choose from. Mountain bike helmets and road bike helmets can both be used to provide comfort and ventilation in addition to being extremely lightweight.

For extreme sports cycling, more protective headgears like full-face helmets are necessary. This type of helmet is light, provides ventilation, and can provide full face protection. A similar type of helmet is a time trial helmet. These are designed for speed and providing the best aerodynamics gain for triathletes.

Bike Locks

Potential thieves can also easily steal bikes when no one is looking but having a bike lock can prevent bike theft from happening. Some bike locks come with special cables that secure easy-to-steal gears and accessories as well, so that would be a good bike lock variant to get.

One of the best bike lock variants to find in Australia is a U-lock, made with steel. This type of lock is typically unlocked using keys and cutting or sawing off the locks would not work because of its design. Another type of lock is a combination bike lock chain. Only a 5-digit password can unlock this chain lock, and a thick cable made from steel secures it.

Water-bottle Holder

Travelling through bikes can get tiring. To recover, riders need to hydrate regularly, especially during long rides. Having an accessory to mount their water is definitely a helpful addition to one’s bike accessory collection.

Some of the most common water bottle holders are metal cages that hold the bottle in place while still being able to bend to accommodate smaller bottles. Apart from the usual metal cages, there are cages with special designs like an X-Grip design, which lessens damage on bottles while securely holding them.

Drink Bottle

Cyclists will also need drink bottles to keep hydrated, especially on endurance journeys. When choosing your cycling drink bottle, take note of a couple of factors: the capacity, material, shape, mouth gape, spout type, and level of insulation. It can also be used when you’re playinf games at best online casinos ca.

Depending on the biker’s priority, there are various options to choose from. Some of these include regular cycling water bottles with collar necks, running water bottles and flasks with an ergonomic shape, insulated water bottles, and aerodynamic water bottles for triathletes.

Bike Bumps

Bikes used regularly will need to be pumped every now and then. Once bike tyres soften, it is recommended to pump air to prevent damaging those further. While a person can easily go to their nearest bike shop if they want to have their bike tyres pumped, it’s faster and cheaper to do so at home. This makes a floor pump practical. Not only can one protect their bike tyres, but they can also save time and money in the long run.

Some of the most popular types of bike pumps are the Schrader valve pumps and Presta valve pumps. Most people use Schrader valves, as these are easier to use and are made for inexpensive bike models. However, more expensive bicycles often need Presta valves.