Not using your Netflix account as much as before? Are you tired of paying for your subscription with Netflix? We got you covered on the easiest and fastest way to cancel your membership with the online subscription-based video-on-demand service. Netflix offers a huge variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, anime and more from across the world onto one subscription platform.

To cancel your subscription, go to and sign in with the email address and password you used for your account. Once you’re signed in, you’ll have two options. You can cancel your account but keep using it through your next billing date, or you can downgrade your plan to save some money each month. Here are all the Netflix plans compared curated by experts at real money casino usa.

Next, just click the button labeled Finish Cancellation.

If you pay for your Netflix account through a third party, like your wireless carrier, you’ll need to contact that company in order to have your Netflix subscription stopped.

Netflix still has your personal info and viewing history

When you cancel your subscription, Netflix will keep all information linked to your account for 10 months. That means information such as your viewing history, account profiles and favorites will still be there if you decide to restart your subscription within that time.

It makes sense that Netflix would hold onto this type of information, but if you want to have all of your personal data deleted prior to the end of the 10-month period, you’ll need to take an extra step.

More specifically, you’ll need to send an email to “” using the email address that’s linked to your Netflix account. Netflix will not accept requests from a different email address that references the email linked to your account. It has to be from the same address.

An extra step if you share your account

If you don’t want to have your information deleted early, but you share your account password with someone else, it’s a good idea to change your password after canceling your subscription. That way, whoever you share your account with doesn’t log into your account and restart the monthly fee. A problem you won’t have at online casino ca.

Still looking for ways to cut subscriptions? Read how to cancel and then delete your Amazon Prime account. It involves more work than Netflix. Same goes for your Google account, should you be ready to get the search giant out of your life.