Many people, whether due to studies, work, or other responsibilities, have a very busy and stressful life. Given this, some experts say that it is best to disconnect by practicing sports or any other physical activity. And when it comes to relaxation, the ideal activity is yoga and, specifically, yoga at home. why? Very easy. It helps control your breathing and meditative ability so you can relax when you need it most. However, many do not practice it due to a lack of time. After all, getting ready, going to the gym, exercising, and coming back means losing a significant part of our free time. But beware, the good thing about yoga is that you only need desire and a little space, so… why not practice it at home? Do you think you will not know how to get started in the yogi world by yourself? Do not worry! We bring you 13 tips to do it. Take note!

How to start yoga at home easily

yoga at home

Choose the type that suits you best

Not all yoga is practiced the same, there are softer, more dynamic, more spiritual types, etc. There are also specific workouts for couples or to practice in high temperatures. Therefore, the first step is to choose the type you want to practice. If this is your first contact with this discipline, we recommend « hatha yoga ». And if what you want is to meditate, it is better that you opt for the “kundalini” modality, the one type of gym, with which you will learn to eliminate stress and control your body and your posture.

Buy all the materials

To practice yoga you will only need a mat or mat and, above all, comfortable clothing. On the other hand, although it is normally practiced barefoot, many prefer to wear socks. If this is your case, we advise you to get some non-slip socks that do not hinder the practice. But beware, yoga is much more than doing postures on a mat… if later on, you want to try more advanced exercises you can work with the wheel or the yoga blocks and make sessions much more dynamic.

Create your own session

When you have everything you need, the important thing comes the exercises. Document yourself about the exercises that fit the style of yoga you want and the goals you want to achieve and create your own training table.

Follow classes by level

And if that option does not convince you, we propose a much simpler one. Today there is everything on the internet, right? And that, of course, includes yoga classes. Search, for example, on YouTube for a workout at your level, press play, and… let’s train!

Establish a routine

If you don’t practice regularly, what you gain one day you will lose for the next session. Therefore, it is important that you try to get used to the body and practice every week. But be aware! Do not take it as an obligation or you will end up losing motivation and enthusiasm for yoga. Practice a couple of days a week, that will be enough to get used to your new routine!

Find the right place

Yoga is a somewhat spiritual practice and, therefore, to relax your mind and immerse yourself in the exercises, it is important that you find a quiet place. Only with that environment will you be able to make your mind connect with yoga and make the sessions productive.

Consider finding a yoga partner

As you know, it is difficult to get into a new routine. For this reason, doing yoga in the company could come in handy to take the sessions more seriously and not abandon them at the first change. In addition, with the help of another person, both of you will advance more quickly and effectively. But if not, don’t worry, you can also practice yoga alone, you will have to be more constant, but with desire and effort, you will achieve it!

Start with short sessions

Normally yoga sessions last an hour or two. However, it is convenient to start with short sessions, about half an hour, since, otherwise, it will be more difficult for you to take time to practice and it will be more difficult for you to create the routine.

Learn simple postures

In addition to yoga class, many people spend a few minutes meditating at specific times or situations. In that case, you’d better learn quick and easy poses that you can do whenever you want. For that we recommend, for example, the cat position or the lotus position, although it depends on each person, find the ones that you like the most and relax you!

Start with simple exercises

There are exercises that are done standing, kneeling, with objects, sitting, lying down, etc., and, although they all seem easy at first glance, they have to be very well executed in order to achieve the desired objective. That is why we recommend you start with the simplest exercises, without objects and, preferably, on the ground, since they do not require as much control of strength and balance.

He keeps moving

As we have advised you, it is better to start with the simplest, but that does not mean that you have to stop there. If you always do the same training, the sessions will be monotonous. For this reason, you must do increasingly complex exercises and challenge yourself so as not to lose motivation.

Start the session with a little relaxation

Before starting to exercise, it is convenient that you spend a few minutes relaxing and let your mind go blank. How? Very easy. You just have to lie on the mat for a few minutes in the “savasana” position, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. This way you will adopt the necessary attitude to start with the exercises!

End with another bit of relaxation

It is also important that you repeat the above at the end of each session. With this, you will be able to acquire all the energy that you have been creating and releasing with the exercises and you will have the ideal mentality to face the rest of your daily activities. And that’s it! The practice of yoga at home is a whole world, but do not worry, following these tips you will be able to be a yogi often. Cheer up! If you need a little extra help, at Vivus we can offer you a quick loan of up to 1,000 euros (300 if it is the first time you request it) to be able to deal with any unforeseen event that may arise. It is very simple and will only take you ten minutes. There is hardly any paperwork!

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