If there is an upward value among sports centers, it is health. Gyms not only want to be linked to fitness and sports, but also to the health care of each person at all stages of their life. The Entrenarme platform has selected the ten best profiles of gyms and sports centers in Spain that are specialized in serving clients with pathologies and in rehabilitation. For this, it has made a classification among the more than 2,400 clubs it has.

To carry out the ranking, several factors have been evaluated. One of the first points of analysis has been to assess the opinions of clients and trainers. Also the level of specialization, the number of visits they receive, and the best positions. In addition, the quality of the profile they provide was taken into account, with images and participations and those that obtain more ‘reviews’.


The ten selected by Entrenarme as the best centers for people with pathologies are:

Health&Fitness. Onelive

Physical rehabilitation center

Getafe (Madrid). Among other services, this center offers attention to people with pathologies. They treat injuries with full recovery and strengthening of the injured area. In those people with pain, they are treated until less pain is obtained in the crises and their removal. Functional recovery from the injury is performed. They also serve those users with back pain.

Selected Trainers

Grenade. It is a team of professionals in physical activity, nutrition, physiotherapy, and medicine. Specialized in improving health, fitness, and quality of life. They apply a unique method based on scientific evidence and experience of more than 15 years. At Selected Trainers, they care for people with diabetes. They help them control blood glucose levels and, in some cases, the doctor has reduced their medication. They also treat obese clients to reduce their body fat percentage and improve their body composition. They also work to reduce symptoms and pain and improve quality of life and capabilities in cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory, osteoarticular, and muscular pathologies and even oncology.

Fitness Personal Training

Paint (Madrid). One of his clients of him acknowledges in his profile of him that “with his help from him, my back and neck pains have disappeared. The same pains that, previously, had forced me to stop playing sports and that worsened every time I tried to exercise. Their main value is that they know how to listen and put themselves in their clients’ shoes, and then they design the most suitable activities for each one. Others do it the other way around.” They are specialists in caring for the elderly, improving their muscle strength and their state of sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass due to age). Also osteopenia (loss of bone mass due to age). They help older people to be independent, strong, and less fragile.


Barcelona. It is a studio specialized in Pilates with machines and Mat Pilates. They perform Hypopressive Abdominal Gymnastics, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, and Personal Training. They also offer massages for physical and emotional well-being. In the studio, they work with the Pilates ring, bars and discs, foam roller, trellis bars, bosu, elastics, kettlebells, and weights, among other materials.

AB Well-Fitness Madrid

Center Specialized in Work by Objective: Weight control, bodybuilding, Physiotherapy. Only Center in Madrid with SlimBelly Certificate: Localized fat loss. Training and Rehabilitation for those affected by MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and other pathologies.

Take care of yourself, move, nourish yourself. Barcelona

One of his clients states that “I started training for rehabilitation after a meniscus intervention. I could notice the results from the first session. When the rehabilitation is over I will continue training here without any doubt”.

Healthy Valencia Turia

It is a personal training and physical rehabilitation center, in which we offer individualized and personalized treatment. He has professionals who graduated in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, in Physiotherapy, and in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. They treat pain and rehabilitate injuries. All clients who come with ailments or pathologies are evaluated by our physiotherapist, who manages to find the root of the problem and guides them in readaptation.


Barcelona. It is a Physiotherapy, health, and exercise center in Barcelona. They are specialized in Sports and Trauma Physiotherapy and exercise prescription for the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. They also care for those patients affected by osteoarthritis.

TNF Personal Training

San Cristobal de la Laguna (Tenerife). In addition to personal training, they have nutrition, physiotherapy, and psychology services. Its working method is based on three pillars: lifestyle analysis, functional evaluation and assessment, and training control and monitoring. They treat pain to reduce fatigue and improve fitness. Also general health and injury rehabilitation.

Current Gym

Villarreal (Castellon). This is a center with more than 25 years of experience in the world of fitness. One of his clients points out that here you find “very complete” professionals. Both inattention and involvement with customers. If your goal is health, good mobility and being more functional, without a doubt Aarón Nares is your coach”.

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