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Physical and mental health

Habits to take care of physical and mental health

A single decision can change your whole life: you can be an athlete, or die of a heart attack; know your contact numbers from top to bottom, or even forget your name.

This single decision is based on choosing a healthy lifestyle, in which you work daily to have good habits that ensure the state of physical and mental health you need to live fully. You have the power to choose to be more alive than ever.

Recovery accident injuries

5 effective ways to recover from serious car accident injuries

Have you recently been in a car accident that resulted in broken bones or other serious injuries? Are you looking for ways to heal fast and not miss out on work or have fun with friends and family?

If so, we recommend following our tips for recovering from serious car accident injuries at a steady pace. The goal is to constantly monitor your health and change everyday behaviors that allow you to prevent further injury.

Baby care tips

Recommendations for newborns when they arrive home

When a newborn arrives home, and more so if it is the first, we can feel a number of emotions such as absolute happiness, indescribable love, and tenderness like we could never have felt, however, we are also given a number of unanswered questions, fears, and insecurities that can make us feel powerless in certain situations.

As has always been said, babies should arrive with an instruction manual!